Vaga: Vaga de desenvolvedor de sistemas em Sao Paulo/SP - home office

  • Cargo/Função: desenvolvedor de sistemas

  • Localização: Sao Paulo / SP

  • Salário: a combinar

  • Empresa: KHB Consultoria

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Home Office

Descrição Geral
Empresa localizada na cidade de São Paulo/SP do ramo Informática, contrata desenvolvedor de sistemas.
Vaga para sap data consultant 100% remoto. Necessário inglês avançado.
Requisitos e qualificações
4-7 years of relevant experience
Proven experience as an sap data developer or in a similar role, with hands-On experience in sap data technologies and solutions.
Proficiency in sap data platforms such as sap data services, sap migration cockpit, lsmw, bpa, rfc, mdg, s4hana
Strong understanding of data modeling concepts, data warehousing principles, and etl processes, with experience in designing and implementing data models and etl workflows.
Experience with sql, sap hana sqlscript, or other query languages for data manipulation, analysis, and reporting.
Knowledge of data integration techniques, including data replication, data federation, and data virtualization, to integrate data from heterogeneous sources.
Familiarity with data quality management tools and techniques, including data profiling, data cleansing, and data enrichment, to ensure data accuracy and consistency.
Excellent analytical, problem-Solving, and communication skills, with the ability to collaborate effectively with cross-Functional teams and stakeholders.
Certification in sap data technologies or relevant sap modules is a plus.
Tipo de Vínculo
Efetivo  - Home Office

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