Vaga: Vaga de Desenvolvedor de Sistemas em Rio de Janeiro/RJ - home office

  • Cargo/Função: Desenvolvedor de Sistemas

  • Localização: Rio de Janeiro / RJ

  • Salário: a combinar

  • Empresa: Confidencial O que é isso?

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Home Office

Descrição Geral
Empresa localizada na cidade de Rio de Janeiro/RJ do ramo Informática, contrata Desenvolvedor de Sistemas.
This is a fully remote position that does not require us work authorization. Available to anyone in latin america and the caribbean, excluding cuba and venezuela. Get paid in the currency of your choosing (usd, mxn, r$, cop...). We are seeking a senior azure devops engineer for a us based tech unicorn. The right candidate will be assertive and work to bring people together to help solve complex problems with an iterative, feedback driven approach. The right candidate will also be able to work independently under changing and non-Specific include: design and drive consensus for the operational infrastructure of our platform team. This includes how our microservices are provisioned, how they will run in test and production, how configurations and networking is managed per environment, and how all systems are monitored, supported, and scaled in productionpartner with platform and professional services engineering stakeholders to identify operational needs and deliver solutions as part of the infrastructurewrite, deliver, and maintain infrastructural services that can be used by directly by development teams, including documentation and support materialsestablish and reinforce healthy software engineering practices  including: code quality, continuous delivery, and automated testingaggressively automate all the things and make it easy to do the right thing when it comes to security, reliability, and resource management using gitops principles. Drive the automation from build pipelines (azure devops/ github actions), kubernetes operators (flux/argo) and scaling via kedamentor and force multiply other members of the engineering teamensure the uptime and scalability or systems through best practices such as auto-Healing and circuit breakingbe a trusted on call support engineer as part of a level english or abovebs or ms in computer science / engineering or relevant work experience they have kubernetes and infrastructure as code8+ years of professional experience in softwar
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Efetivo  - Home Office

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