Vaga: Vaga de Desenvolvedor de Sistemas em Rio de Janeiro/RJ - home office

  • Cargo/Função: Desenvolvedor de Sistemas

  • Localização: Rio de Janeiro / RJ

  • Salário: a combinar

  • Empresa: Confidencial O que é isso?

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Home Office

Descrição Geral
Empresa localizada na cidade de Rio de Janeiro/RJ do ramo Informática, contrata Desenvolvedor de Sistemas.
About us: ninjaone is committed to building high-Performance, scalable, secure, and easy-To-Use it management products that monitor, remediate, and enable msps and it professionals to deliver business continuity and drive profitability. Our user experience was designed from the ground up to lower the costs of onboarding new users and maximize automation to deliver a modern it management software is the worlds first security-Centric remote monitoring and management platform. Ninja touts an amazing user experience, 360-Degree monitoring, an it marketplace and tight integrations with products used by msps as well as it proposal:Required technical skills:- 5+ years of c++ or c development experience.- Extensive experience working with low-Level apis on at least Two Major operating systems win (windows xp-Windows 10), mac (mac osx (cocoa, etc..) and linux.- Previous experience with Either Visual studio, xcode or qtcreator.- Experience utilizing cmake to generate builds.- Experience communicating directly with customers or being able preferred skills:- Experience with json, javascript or java.- Experience using sql-Lite integration.- Knowledge and experience working with aws or similar cloud services.- Experience using sql, postgres, mssql, or a similar technology.- Experience with native win32 api.- Embedded development experience.
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Efetivo  - Home Office

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