Vaga: Vaga de Desenvolvedor de Sistemas em Rio de Janeiro/RJ - home office

  • Cargo/Função: Desenvolvedor de Sistemas

  • Localização: Rio de Janeiro / RJ

  • Salário: a combinar

  • Empresa: Confidencial O que é isso?

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Home Office

Descrição Geral
Empresa localizada na cidade de Rio de Janeiro/RJ do ramo Informática, contrata Desenvolvedor de Sistemas.
Requirements c1 level english or above bs or ms in computer science / engineering or relevant work experience they have kubernetes and infrastructure as code 8+ years of professional experience in software development deep experience with distributed systems and highly available backend services demonstrated ability to be analytical and have strong problem-Solving skills excellent communication, collaboration skills, and a strong teamwork ethic with both technical and non-Technical audiences proficient in building non trivial applications in python or go for infrastructure concerns experience working with azure, and preferably aks strong understanding of modern software engineering practices, including logging, monitoring, continuous integration/deployment, infrastructure as code, and automated testing practices proven success operating azure or similar cloud-Native deployment and operational contexts, including kubernetes, pulumi/terraform, and opentelemetry/new relic/datadog experience working in an organization that embraces modern infrastructure tools such as kubernetes, service mesh, gitops, and infrastructure as code e-Commerce or retail experience experience designing and deploying infrastructure automation for use by multiple application development teams experience running kubernetes workloads in multiple cloud regions benefits this is a fully remote position that does not require us work authorization. Work from anywhere in latin america and the caribbean, excluding cuba and venezuela. Get paid in the currency of your choosing (usd, mxn, r$, cop...).
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Efetivo  - Home Office

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