Vaga: Vaga de Desenvolvedor de Sistemas em Porto Alegre/RS - home office

  • Cargo/Função: Desenvolvedor de Sistemas

  • Localização: Porto Alegre / RS

  • Salário: a combinar

  • Empresa: Confidencial O que é isso?

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Home Office

Descrição Geral
Empresa localizada na cidade de Porto Alegre/RS do ramo Informática, contrata Desenvolvedor de Sistemas.
At gympass (permanent), in portugalsalary: 70.000 - 86.000expires at:(Informação Confidencial)remote policy: full remotethe opportunitywe are hiring a tech lead frontend engineer for our code activation team in portugal!The activation team is a high-Performance team responsible for purchase and plan management journeys inside code (consumer digital experience) main goal in code is to make wellbeing universal. From knowing about gympass, and getting access to exclusive benefits, to using our vast partners network, it is in the end-User experience. Code is an acronym for consumer digital experience, which means were in charge of the experience and services that will guide people in their wellbeing impacthelp to define the architecture of systems and integrations, bring innovation to the table, and make sure design docs are up to dateensure successful deliveries, and promote the long-Term technical health of our journeysensure a high bar on code quality standards, making sure devs are proud of their workspread development best practices such as code reviews, pair programming, tdd, reusable code for future usetake part in incident resolution and troubleshooting in the productionfollow up engineering and product kpismanage technical debts and engineering backlogguide other engineers to have success and growth in their requirementswho you arebachelors degree in computer science, computer engineering, or related discipline or equivalent practical experienceconsolidated experience in web/mobile developmentexperience in managing or technically leading a software engineering teamstrong experience with reactjs/react native ecosystemexperience with graphql (client-Side and server-Side) and microfrontendsexperience with mobile development is desirablestrong experience with monitoring, observability, and kpis trackingexperienced in implementing prototypes and in practices and concepts such as mvp, a/b testing, and feature toggles for rolling-Out features to productionyou are capa
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Efetivo  - Home Office

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