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Vaga de Account Manager em Porto Alegre/RS - home office

Cargo/Função: Account Manager

Localização: Porto Alegre / RS

Salário: a combinar

Empresa: Confidencial O que é isso?

Código da vaga: V03208601

Home Office

Descrição Geral

Empresa localizada na cidade de Porto Alegre/RS do ramo Comércio, contrata Account Manager.


Lets be authentic and creative together! If you are good with people and know how to attract the best talents to join the mobility revolution, then you are a perfect match for us! Why we need you: were looking for an account manager /d) for our customer team. It should be somebody continuously trying to understand and solve core challenges of our customers (fleet operators) running their shared mobility business with kick-Scooters, bikes, mopeds or cars. The customer team is working on helping to manage all customer needs they have and leverage our solution so our clients perform even better. A technical view is critical for our customers, who mostly trust us to find the best solution together. Some of the things that you can help us with: analyze the user behavior of your customers and define recommendations to ensure optimal handling of our operating system for shared mobility. You understand the core problem of our customers and work closely with your colleagues to find a win-Win solution for all sides. Understand the needs of customers before they approach you have all data insights about our clients and product. Understand potential financial and market impacts of customer needs. Run the daily business with the client and update about developments and help the client use new features. What we are looking for: excitement to develop the shared mobility industry having a customer-Driven mindset by doing regular interviews with users and trying to understand the reported problem work closely with your team to balance business, customer and strategic impact when managing the clients needs include relevant team members in finding a solution for the client we have built an operating system for shared mobility. Our clients are shared mobility fleet operators bringing affordable transportation services to people making millions of trips all over the world. Our clients are running shared mobility fleets between 50 and several thousand vehicles. The fleets can be mixed or

Tipo de Vínculo

Efetivo - Home Office

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